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ABC News, Virginia Beach Covers Diver6

Diver6 Systems were delivered to the Joint Expeditionary Base Little Creek in June. ABC News, Virginia Beach covered the delivery and talked with armed forces personnel about the system.

Diver6 Featured in Sea Technology Magazine

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Diver6 and Shearwater Systems Integrate

Shearwater Research Inc, the leading manufacturer of dive computers and electronic control systems for rebreathers has expanded their support for DiveCAN applications. They are pleased to announce the integration of the Diver6 diver monitoring and communication system with the Petrel and NERD display systems.

The integration between Shearwater and Diver6 provides greatly enhanced communication between diver and divemaster. Recall alerts can now be sent to the diver and displayed on the Shearwater devices providing directional information to return to the surface vessel. The divemaster can also issue an assist message which will send a diver directional information to another diver in need. Divers can issue a Diver Distress / 911 alert to notify the dive master that they are in trouble. With this integration, divemasters can now effectively react to multiple situations happening underwater.

The integration debuted at the 2014 DEMA show. Many of the attendees were very interested in the integration and were excited to see how the dive master could now direct his divers to locations and assist divers by providing them with valuable directional data.

It is another feature that gives the dive another layer of safety and security.