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Diver6 Releases New ENC Chart Overlay Features

Diver6 Releases New ENC Chart Overlay Features

Diver6, a Diver and Dive Operations mobile support system, has released a new software component for the Diver6 user community. The new ENC chart overlay features allow Dive Masters to see where their divers are located on a chart during an active dive.

One of the leading issues with providing ENC charts is that most services are online content providers. Mapping and chart options require users to have an internet connection to see and use the charts. The mobile and remote features of Diver6 make it very difficult to maintain an internet connection on a dive. Small vessels do not have the expensive communication options needed for online content provisions.

Diver6 v2.0 includes the new ChartServer add-on. The ChartServer is a locally run application that serves ENC S57 charts to Diver6. International S63 charts are also supported in the new application. With the addition of ChartServer, Diver6 users can load nautical charts for any location in the world to support their dives.

All new Diver6 systems are shipped with the latest features and applications. Current system owners can contact us about upgrade options. U.S. customers are provided with a system that is fully loaded with NOAA ENC charts. International customers are provided with the application ready to accept charts. Fees may apply for international S63 charts.

The addition of charts gives a Dive Master another situational awareness tool to improve the quality and safety of the active dive.

Azimuth Inc. teamed with Canadian based Siitech to develop this application for Diver6. Siitech is a leading innovator of AIS and nautical chart applications.