What comes in a standard Diver6 System?

A Standard Diver6 System for 4 divers will include:

• (1) Dell Rugged Tablet
• (1) Topside Modem
• (1) Topside Modem Power & Data Cable
• (1) Battery - Mil 5590 form factor
• (1) Battery Case
• (1) Battery Charger
• (4) Diver Modems
• (4) Diver Modem chargers
• (4) Diver Modem Tank Mounts
• (1) Tool / Spares Kit
• (1) Rugged Case for Topside Modem & Accessories (includes hard case for tablet)
• (1) Rugged Case for Diver Modems & Accessories
• (1) Diver6 Software Suite
• (4) Shearwater® PETREL or NERD dive computers (optional)

Systems are sold in a 3 to 14 diver configuration.

What operating systems do you support?

The Diver6 software can operate on Windows 10 or later and Mac OS X (10.10 or later). Chartserver is not available on the Mac OS at this time.

What languages does the software support?

The Diver6 software currently supports English, Spanish, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Arabic, and Ukrainian. We are adding language translations as needed so if there's one you'd like to see, reach out to us!

Can diver data be exported from the system?

Yes, diver data can be exported. Using the Diver6 export functionality divemasters can:

• Export Diver History
• Export Individual or All dive records
• Export GPX compatible track files
• A CSV file with all diver data is also available on the system
• Dive Reports (PDF)

This information can then be used for analysis on many of the industry-standard GIS applications and can be imported into databases and spreadsheets for further analysis.

What additional functionality do the Shearwater® products provide?

Special features available with Shearwater® integration:

RECALL - A diver receives a message from topside to return to craft. Range and bearing information is provided to the diver for craft location. The information is updated with each new modem transmission.

ASSIST - A divemaster has the ability to provide range, bearing and depth information for one diver to assist another diver.

DISTRESS - A diver that needs help can notify the divemaster of his or her situation. The system will provide the distressed diver with bearing and range back to the surface vessel.

RETURN HOME - A diver wishing to return to the surface vessel can issue this request to obtain the bearing and range to the surface vessel.

SEND ASSIST - A diver can issue a request to the divemaster to obtain the assistance of another diver.

Tank Pressure - Diver tank pressures are transmitted to the divemaster giving a clearer picture of each diver’s air supply.

Can I purchase additional hardware?

You can purchase additional diver equipment that will seamlessly integrate with your existing system.

You can also purchase additional chargers and accessories.

Contact us and we can meet your needs.

Where can I purchase a system?

Please visit our Sales and Distribution page under the Contact Menu.

How easy is it to connect the Diver6 System?

The Diver6 system can be connected and ready to use following the steps below.

1. Connect Topside Modem to Battery with cable provided.
2. Turn on Battery Unit.
3. Connect USB Cable to Battery Unit and plug into computer.
4. Start Diver6 Software.

It is important that you follow these connection steps for proper start-up. See you Quick Start Guide and User’s Manual for more detail.

What is the best location to mount the Diver Modem?

The best placement for Diver Modem mounting is near the top of the air tank with the modem head near the regulator. This will reduce acoustic shadows, allowing for better communication with the diver.

What is the best location for the Topside Modem?

Placement of the Topside Modem is crucial for the success of the dive. The topside modem is the dive master’s view of the divers.

The Topside Modem has a LED that is to be used to align the modem. This is your “12 o’clock” position.

The Topside Modem should be positioned:

1. On a vessel, below the keel and away from the engines. Vessel should be stationary or moving less than 2 knots.
2. On shore/harbor, away from any hard seawalls. The communications can be reflected and cause inaccurate tracking.
3. Fixed mounted is best. The Topside should be aligned with the bow of the boat. In a harbor or from a dock, align the topside and the tablet computer in the same orientation.

Fixed mounted is the best for accurate tracking. If the topside modem is allowed to spin in the water, the accuracy of the diver location and tracking to the divemaster is diminished.

Positioning is based off the LED mark, as that is the 12 o’clock position for tracking. The divemaster should orientate himself and the tablet computer to the same heading/direction as the topside modem.

Is the Diver6 System for Military use only?

No. While our system is part of the Authorization for Navy Use (ANU) Program and we have many military clients, the system can be used by anyone. In fact, we have several Police and Fire Department clients as well.

Do I need special training?

When a system is purchased, we offer training in many forms to ensure you get the most out of Diver6. Training can be in-person demonstrations, virtual sessions, and we offer many youtube videos for setup, configurations, and using the system.